Unseen Poetry (part 1) responses

Please post your Unseen poetry (part 1) answers in the comments below.

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  1. Barbara Luz Pearce says:

    The poet presents ideas about the way we live and work in the modern world in ‘How to Leave the World that Worships Should’ through personification. “Let junk mail build its castles in the hush of other people’s halls.” From this quotation we can infer that due to us ignoring something, it eventually expands and gains power in silence. The junk mail is personified as it ‘builds castles in the hush’; this means that it starts to build up s it gets forgotten about in the silence of peoples halls due to its unimportance. Another way in which ideas bout the way we live and work is through our reliance in technology. “Let e-mails fly like panicked, tiny birds. Let phones, unanswered, ring themselves to sleep.” From this quotation we can infer that people are consumed by technology and that we stress and worry more over an email or a phone call when in reality we should be concerned about ourselves and our health; to concentrate on being relaxed and not overthinking the small things. The poet shows the world as a very stressed and agitated place due to the people not focusing on the rights things, worrying about deadlines and technology rather than if they have even had enough sleep or enough food and water to maintain their energy and health throughout the day. “Panicked tiny birds” demonstrates that people become frantic over the smallest things. Overall the poet presents ideas about the way we live and work in the modern world effectively in the poem ‘How to Love the World that Worships Should’ as it showcases our priorities are wrong and we wort about when work is due rather than our own health;how we have all been consumed by the world of technology and can’t remember how to live without it all. And how sometimes we forget to just breathe. Alternatively, it could also be symbolizing the afterlife or someone in the process of ‘letting go’ or dying.

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